Building A Good Life In A Changing World: School Living Skills

school living skills

Yayasan Pendidikan dan Vokasional Wanita Malaysia (YPVWM) is a non-profit organisation formed on August 18, 1999, as a company limited by guarantee and without share capital under the Companies Act, 1965. One of YPVWM’s primary goals is to provide training and educational opportunities to young women and men from low-income and marginalised communities. More than 24,000 women and young people from a wide range of socioeconomic and educational backgrounds have benefited from YPVWM’s skills training programmes since the organisation’s establishment, thanks to the training they received from YPVWM. Since January 2020, all of the Foundation’s training programmes and related activities are now being promoted and carried out under the School Living Skills brand logo.


Education has boosted their chances of finding work and making a living wage. YPVWM launched an outreach programme to bring computer training to underserved areas as a first step in its skill-building initiatives. The goal of the programme was to close the digital divide between the well-off and the poor, as well as between the city and the country, through collaboration with government and business organisations. Long Distance Training Programme for the Rural Communities (Program Jarak Jauh Orang Kampung, PJJOK) was the name of YPVWM’s outreach initiative.


Other earlier initiatives included establishing vocational skills workshops in areas such as tailoring, beauty & spa, computer systems & repairs, cooking & baking, and hairdressing to equip women laid off with marketable skills. The goal was to equip these ladies with marketable talents so that they might start their businesses, start side gigs, or find gainful employment in fields that value them. To bolster their abilities as entrepreneurs, they were also taught various transferable skills, including the use of technology, basic management, financial literacy, and English communication.


Through its vocational and entrepreneurial skills training programmes, YPVWM will continue the work it has been doing to increase the employability and productivity skills of underprivileged women and young people. YPVWM will always look for new programme partners in the public sector, private sector, and non-profit sector to help raise money and provide other resources so it may fulfil its mission and achieve its goals.

Education has boosted their chances of finding work and making a living wage.
Nur Azrin Abu Bakar
Programme Director School Living Skills