Finalists class of 2023

Nasarudin Latep

NASHA PRIVE is an avant-garde fashion house that identified a genre of art that advocated art-as-politics, art as an aesthetic, and political means for realizing social change in society. Our Atelier focus is producing fashion and products based on our art and culture of Sarawak for art collectors, our small ambassadors, and clients.

Inna Ddin

Inna Ddin elevates people through clothes; by styling pieces together and designing garments distinctively. Born with an eye for style, as well as a formal fashion education for nearly 6 years has been a boon in realizing a mission; to utilise a career in fashion responsibly and mindfully, covering areas of impact for the community and environment.

This primary and sole collection is the first embodiment towards the mission. Inna Ddin aspires to instil style variations to protract a garment’s lifespan. It stands by these triple bottom lines: for people, planet, and profit.

Hani Nazira Hanizar

Hani Nazeera is a sustainable fashion brand, each collection is produced in small batches to retain exclusivity & quality, and textile remnants are reused for new designs to achieve 0 waste aligned with sustainable fashion principles. Designs are carefully taught and produced for their practicality, multi-usage & durability for sustainability. Hani Nazeera incorporates multicultural elements in each design, and Batik Sarong is used as the main element to highlight Malaysia’s heritage. The brand focus on cruise wear that can be styled for festive, formal & street-wear.

Lee Swee May

manekNya, also known as a mother’s beads, is founded by two little nyonya sisters from Melaka – with the mission of upholding the legacy of Peranakan Beads Embroidery of a heritage and the pride of a beautiful Malaysia Culture. We offer contemporary, comfortable, and sustainable Peranakan beaded shoes, art and fashion items, handmade by our embroiderers from the underrepresented communities. We also empower financially independent and vulnerable women to rise with a purpose by equipping them with business opportunities and embroidery skills, while they work from their own home.

Noorasykin Azlan Ani

SYKINESQUE celebrates inclusivity and believes that all women of all sizes should be able to wear our collection

Irene Teo Hui Ling

Ling by Irene, a collection that is made from upcycled fabrics that have been manipulated into chic streetwear pieces that are inspired by the coffee culture in Kluang

Muhamad Fauzi Ali

Design by Osh (DOSH) aims to be a sustainably conscious fashion production that provides innovative design consultation and tailoring services.

Usha Nair

DAWN Adaptive is Malaysia’s first adaptive clothing brand. A social enterprise using fashion as a tool to eradicate negative perceptions of people with disabilities (PWD). Our social aim is to empower people through fashion that has a positive impact on their quality of life and to make the world a more inclusive place for all.

Mahyun Mohd Yunus

A fashion label that advocates slow fashion movement and promotes a circular economy

Fitrah Binti Kamarudin

ZANDRA, a creative business established in 2017, produces handicrafts and apparel using local batik fabrics. Zandra’s mission is to give opportunities to creative tailors in rural areas to generate income by producing creative products.

Muhammad Zulhairi Bin Mehad

ZULHAIRI is a fashion brand that design and produces affordable limited pieces of streetwear and contemporary garments targeting the youth

Saerah Ridzuan Kunjan

Styllar is a collective of wardrobe services ranging from fashion styling to costume design and wardrobe rental. We aim to be a sustainable and ethically conscious enterprise and contribute towards a circular economy by offering solutions that are in service to that. We’re all about embracing the new way of fashion by being kinder to nature and working with artisans and makers in our community.

Syarifah Anisah Syed Mustafa Al-Idrus

Nisa Mustafa is a bridalwear atelier that provides custom-made design wedding dress for women by creating zero-waste-led design.

“Fashion can be a universal player in protecting the planet.”

Pharrell Williams