Design Brief

A design competition challenge is to create and innovate a piece of creative sarong that is conscious of the environment and inspired by Malaysian identity. A sarong made of existing clothing items or zero waste fabric. The idea is that fashion students and youths have the opportunity to foster sustainability in the design process. Based on the SDG goals issue, you must apply creativity and design thinking to design a new sustainable fashion garment through the RRU methods. The design thinking is reflected in your choice of materials, trims, patterns and surface design in the research and development process and finally integrated with commercial value for your end consumer.  


We aim to endorse creative problem-solving in the fashion industry by encouraging fashion students and youths to develop fashion products that are less harmful to society and lifestyle, have more meaning, and positively impact society and culture.


This design project aspires to develop a cutting-edge sarong ahead of the forward-thinking in fashion and incorporates sustainable practices for the future. The collection will symbolise a melting pot of Malaysia’s diverse cultural heritage and identity.

Semifinalists will receive a webinar session worth RM 2,000.00; shortlisted finalists will receive masterclass sessions; and a mentorship program worth RM 6,000.00.

Terms & Conditions

You may apply the following criteria:

Participation: Individual OR maximum of 3 persons in a group

  • Open to Malaysian citizens only.
  • For entry, you must fill in your application (You may answer in English or Bahasa Malaysia).
  • All designs are to be based on the RRU concept (Recycle, Reuse, Upcycle)
  • The minimum dimension of the finished sarong is – Width: 112cm, Length: 197cm
  • The structure of the sarong HAS TO IMPLEMENT – Kepala kain, apit kepala kain, badan kain and kaki kain.
  • The end product is to be wearable and commercial.
  • The MFCA team may contact candidates after submission to inquire for more details, such as confirmation of eligibility, additional information and competent experience.
  • The shortlisted semi-finalist candidates will be contacted, and a webinar will occur.
  • The finalists will have to attend master class sessions that will be held in Kuala Lumpur and mentoring sessions.
  • MFCA will supply part materials for the final task for finalists. 
  • Any applications received after the call for entry deadline will not be accepted.
  • Participation in the design competition requires you to unconditionally accept MFCA’s “Terms and Conditions” mentioned on this website.
  • The application closing entry is on 23th August 2023.
  • The Grand Finale will be part of the highlights of KERETAPI SARONG 23 on 16th September 2023. The organiser would provide models for this purpose.
  • These terms and conditions are subject to change at any moment without prior notice at the discretion of MFCA.
  • You must constantly check the website to see whether we’ve updated these terms and conditions.
  • For any enquiries, please get in touch with Azlyn at 01118961967

“Kain batik kain pelikat, Pakaian lelaki Pantai Timur, Kalau janji sudah sepakat, Ke mana pergi tak dapat undur.”

Azah Aziz

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